BOOM – Barkis!


Christmas time always brings Charles Dickens back on the radar.

In Columbus we have a great little museum called The Ohio Village where Victorian houses and buildings have been beautifully reconstructed.


At this time of year the museum puts on a special event called A Dickens of a Christmas. It’s a bit like jumping into a Christmas Card!

Each of us has a favorite Dickens story. We might think of Scrooge and his redemption in a Christmas Carol or Miss Havisham sitting in her Wedding Dress in Great Expectations.

My all time favorite Dickens novel is David Copperfield. We had to read it as part of the curriculum at school and it left a lovely warm spot in my heart. A bit like a warm mince pie!

No other character can compare with Mr Barkis. He’s my hero even though he plays a relatively minor role in David Copperfield.

Such a gentle soul so loving of David and of his Peggotty and her apple pies. One of the greatest unsung love stories in literature has to be Barkis and his Peggotty.

With “Barkis is willin’” Barkis is winning my vote for Dickens most memorable line and sweetest heart!

Whose your favorite?

Blessing # 180 – Classic Tales

4 Replies to “BOOM – Barkis!”

  1. My favorite is Pip’s brother-in-law who holds the Bible upside down while reading from it and Mr Havisham whose post-box mouth relaxes into a smile as he crosses the London bridge in the office to home commute–KV

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