BOOM – Blockbuster

Aaron is a real history buff. We often discuss about India and Ireland and the similarities between the events in our homelands with him. He loves this.

Last night we all watched the epic movie Gandhi.

Each time we dig deeper into the story it gets even better.

This time the person who drew our attention was Charlie Andrews who was an English episcopal priest and Gandhi G’s dearest and closest friend.

Thanks to Wikipedia we learned that Gandhi used Charlies initials C.F.A. (Charles Freer Andrews) to give him a very special nickname Christ’s Faithful Apostle.

We also learned that he has a feast day celebrated on his birthday February 12 by the episcopal church.

This is a very important date for us too, not because it is also Abraham Lincoln’s birthday but because it is the birthday of our dear friend Patricia who is Aaron’s godmother.

Now call it coincidence if you wish but just guess who sent Aaron a present today?

Blessing # 186 – A Trinity of Heroes

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