BOOM – Brigten Up

My Mom started to loose her memory in her mid eighties and by 88 had to move to sheltered accommodation. She passed away at the ripe old age of 96!

Mom was a great eater and tucked into her food with pleasure and much enjoyment. She always ate a lot!

In her latter years she tried but struggled to eat by herself and ended up having to take liquid dietary supplements.

For years I’d worked on developing these supplements. They certainly have an important role to play and are carefully designed and of excellent quality but even in the industry we had a saying that The Fork is Mightier Than The Straw.

Thanks to Sandra, who works with dementia patients, I heard of a new discovery that is so simple and encouraging.

Scientist in the UK have found that by switching from a white plate to a bright yellow one encourages people with memory loss to eat more. They believe the contrast in color of plate and foods helps people focus more sharply on what they are eating.

A whole new range of crockery called the Freedom Range is now offered with not just color but also spill proof design elements.

Great news for anyone with family or friends going through this stage in life today. Whoever said we eat with our eyes was spot on!

Blessing # 189 – Appetizers

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