BOOM -Black Bag II

Last night our furniture from Ireland was delivered. The removal men had another job cancelled so asked if they could come between 4:00 to 8:00 pm. They arrived at 8:10 but we were so glad to see them.

I lost the will to do anything other than have an extra large stiff drink by the time they left at 11:15!

They built our bed and unpacked the furniture very nicely but didn’t build the wardrobe as “basic” set up includes beds but not reassembling wardrobes. Watch out for that and have it clarified if you are planning a move.

We all worked hard over the course of the evening so I was really delighted we had everything visible to organize today.

One of the first things uncovered was that Black Bag of Granny Barr’s and a Brown Bag of Mummy’s.

In the Black Bag was Granny’s confirmation card dated 1898. That makes it 120 years old and it is truly in pristine condition.

In Mummy’s bag there was the first Christmas present my Daddy ever bought her. It is a lovely compact for face powder but clearly she treasured it so much she never used it. So it too is pristine.

The same cannot be said for all the items but they are all much loved and there’ll be more on them in the days ahead.

Blessing # 190– Reunions

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