BOOM – Blueware

The biggest gift my Mom and Dad received when they married in March 1952 was a Willow Pattern dinner service.

It was given by my Moms employer Down Shoes Factory Banbridge where she was a much valued supervisor on the production line.

This service was stored away in the top of our kitchen cupboard and surfaced only at Christmas and Easter.

Inevitably over the years a few little breaks happened so today we  have five cups instead of six and the odd chip on a plate or two.

When my Mom went into sheltered accommodation I decided to keep the dinner service. It stayed in our house in Ireland where we inflicted a few more dings and dents on it!

Who could have dreamed that this typical Chinese patterned China would one day end up in a really old Chinese cupboard purchased in Shanghai China that is now placed in a kitchen in Ohio.

The plate that was clearly used most held the roast potatoes for each festive meal over many years.

Since roasties absolutely had to be kept hot till we were about to sit and eat it is, like myself, well wrinkled but I love it to bits!

Blessing # 192 – New Home for Dear Old Things


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