Yesterday a guardian angel was doing double duty watching over Aaron.

As you know he has been having a hectic time. First all those birthday celebrations, then up very late on Monday for the furniture delivery and to top it all off end of term tests at school this week.

When he was very close to home yesterday he says he was feeling really tired. He swerved coming round a bend, over corrected and ended up in a ditch.

All this happened about a quarter mile from home. He was stuck deep down in a neighbors yard.

Fortunately no people, pets or other cars were about. He missed a tree stump by inches and even though the ditch is deep he braked so hard the car did not roll over. The only damage was a broken water sprinkler head and tread marks in the grass.

He called home immediately and his Dad took the call. I was out so Krishna called our neighbor Mike who once more came to our rescue. He quickly got a garage to send a tow truck to hawl Aaron out.

The truck had arrived and was busy working with Aaron to get the car out into the road when I came home. My heart almost stopped when I saw Krishna and Mike standing on the side of the road.

We feel so very fortunate there were no injuries only a big break and a wake up call.

Blessing # 193 – Good Neighbors

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