BOOM – Below the Barn

When we lived in Connecticut we went to a yard sale one day and spent a fortune on art!

We paid the princely sum of one whole dollar for a little oil painting on canvas of a red barn.

This little painting was lovingly framed by Krishna, made its way from Connecticut to Ireland and has now returned to the USA.

My attachment to this little red barn is difficult to explain but it is truly one of my favorite things.

Today it was hung in pride of place where it will be seen everyday by our family and anyone who visits.

Its above the Chinese cabinet that holds the Willow Pattern china. On top of this cabinet a lot of other little treasures can be found including beautiful gifts from Nestle and from Nestle colleagues, a little porcelain pig purchased for a pound at a sale at my Mums nursing home and my first ever teddy.

They look so well together like they just popped out of that barn to take the air and stretch a leg!

Blessing # 194 – Finding the Fit!

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