BOOM – Back to Bangs and Bohemian Blunders

The intention today was to have a good lie in but there was no sleep to be had after five o’clock.

With mania in full swing, the boys all asleep and no Zumba till 8:15 the energy was taken out on grooming.

There is only so much time you can spend in the shower so out came the scissors. The bangs as they say here in the USA or the fringe as we’d say in the UK had been growing for six months. It bit the bin in sixty seconds around six thirty.

After Zumba and a bit of texting with the bestie in Belfast the mania was still in full swing. So Dibley got trailed down the street before Aaron even left for work.

The fresh air did the trick though and brought the idea of going to see Bohemian Rhapsody. A quick check on the show times listed only one starting at 10:55. So Krishna who had yet to drink his OJ let alone his coffee got his marching orders to hurry up and get ready.

While he was busy with that the need to keep busy was still rampant so there was still time to throw together the lasagne for tonight’s dinner.

Lesson of the day! Never ever try to make cheese sauce in a rush. There were so many lumps in it a strainer couldn’t hold them!

Off to the cinema we go.  Listening to Christmas songs, laughing all the way about who goes to the cinema at this time of day except people of advancing years and of course reminiscing about the untimely demise of dear Freddie.

Arriving in good time we queue to order our tickets only to find the showing is at 10:55 PM!

Now that is definitely not the time for us! We’ll just wait for the DVD! But we did have a little fun going round in circles!

Blessings # 195- Cruising with Your Honey!


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