BOOM – Buds Back

About eight years ago we were invited to a party. We bought an orchid in bloom to give the lady of the house. It never reached her!

The orchid had been placed behind the drivers seat in our car, it tumbled over and the bloom broke off. So of course it was no longer gifting material.

It came back with us and was given a home on the kitchen windowsill where it has remained.

Over the years the windowsill has become more congested with  herbs and within the last year even another orchid but old faithful is still in place and going strong.

The plant has never been repotted or moved from it orginal spot. It is perhaps not the most beautiful specimen but each day it is observed with fondness.

It really does its own thing. It throws out moisture shooters that occasionally have to be tamed. Now and again it will give a new leaf or will loose one but what it does without fail is bud and bloom.

Each time it offers a new bud it is a little sign of hope that makes us smile.

Each bud takes weeks to develop into a flower and its progress is check at least daily.

Over the years the plant must have gone though this cycle at least a dozen time. It’s doing it just now and so too is it’s new buddy beside it.

It is amazing to watch how something so beautiful as an orchid flower can emerge from this little bud.

It is also a reminder that even if you get a little broken at times finding the right place gives you resilience to produce wonders.

Blessing # 202 – The Power Within

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