BOOM – Beowulfs Bell


Do you have a favorite Christmas hymn or carol?

Charles Wesley’s Hark the Herald Angels Sing to the glorious music of Mendelssohn is tops for me.

This season at our Church we got the treat to sing it twice. First, accompanied by our youth orchestra on Christmas Eve and today by our wonderful organist.

This was always the recessional hymn we sung at the midnight service at Holy Trinity Ballylesson that we went to every year as a family. My Dad was usually pretty discrete when it came to singing but he relished this hymn and sang it with gusto. Never do I hear it without thinking of him singing it by my side.

When Charles Wesley wrote this hymn the original words he used were:-

Hark how all The WELKIN rings glory to the King of Kings!

Well what we wonder was a WELKIN?

Turns out that in ancient times when such epics as Beowulf were written it was believed that the world was encased in a huge crystal bell called a WELKIN.

On rare and highly auspicious occasion the WELKIN rang. Isn’t this such a lovely image.

Today when we look at the wonders that the Hubble Telescope sends us back from space perhaps it is not too far from the truth!

Blessing # 203 – Watch The Word of Welkin

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