BOOM – Beginning

As we say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019 many of us will be celebrating and spending time with family and friends and thinking of our loved ones near and far.

There are many traditions for New Year in Ulster. No doubt linked to our Scottish heritage.

We always looked for a tall dark stranger to be the first to cross the threshold of our home and if he carried a piece of coal even better.

We’d clean the house till it was shining bright on New Years Eve but woe betide anyone who swept a speck of dust out on New Years Day lest we sweep away our fortunes.

While a devoutly religious person my Mum adhered rigorously to these traditions and often told me of a year when all sorts of bad things happened. She attributed this to a red haired woman pushing her way into our house at the stroke of midnight to wish us good luck. All sounds very spooky!

In his Christmas Message of 1939 King George quoted a poem by  Minnie Louise Haskins called God Knows. The poem was written in 1908 and was given to him by his daughter Elizabeth who was only 13 at the time.

What wisdom from one so young and what grace that has endured.


Blessing # 204 – Brighter than Light

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