BOOM – Boost, Burn or Bust


The seasonal feasting in the USA starts on Thanksgiving and goes on non stop till New Years Day. This made it 38 days in 2018!

Over the course of the season my personal contribution to raising green house gases and global warming through excessive eating hit an all time record.

Being at home with more time to think of food and plan what we’d nosh plus more continuous access to chocolates, cookies and cake meant I put on a good five pounds.

Not having to go to work also meant an extra glass or two of fizz could be sipped of an evening without serious consequence! There is no doubt this was a major villain in the equation.

Interestingly over the same period Krishna lost weight which does not say much for my culinary or baking skills! Although it does say a lot for his self control!

Being in the food business and in particular the area of energy metabolism means that the excess intake needed to gain this weight stares me straight in the face.

To gain five pounds you need to ingest about 18000 calories more than you expend. So since  Thanksgiving till today this means about 450 calories excess each day! Sounds a lot right?

In holiday spirits though this is equivalent to six chocolate truffles or five chicken wings or four mini mince pies or three frosted cookies or  two samosas  or a bottle of champagne! All of which I could polish off easily any day!

Less obvious but so easily hidden at this time of year 450 calories equals just four tablespoons of butter.

Well there are all the veggies too you might say! Like the 12 cups of Brussel Sprouts needed to hit that daily excess number. These are so much easier to resist unless of course they are drowned in that butter with some chestnuts and crispy bacon which they tend to be to at this time of year and that elevates their calorie content to a zip buster level!

So the day has come to bid farewell to the blindfold, face the challenge to redress the excess and burn it or burst!

First thing today out came the grapefruit and pomegranate. All those little fat cells may not know it yet but they are going to get zapped with antioxidants.

As they start burning away skin will be glowing! Eyes will be sparkling! Hair will be shining! Well at least that is the plan and for a few days at least there will be a self righteous smirk on my face!

So glad though a certain red liquid has so many virtues it must still be considered therapeutic even in the most stringent régime!

Blessing # 205 – Beaujolais, Bordeaux and Burgandy

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