BOOM – Bell & McBride

The antioxidant boost was taken seriously throughout the entire first day of the year!

Even dessert had a healthier than normal twist to it. Baked Apples stuffed with raisin and cinnamon. OK a bit of butter and sugar was used to bind the stuffing together but that fat is needed to help the absorption of all that goodness!

This was a fairly common dessert in Ireland, maybe still is, but we make it only once in a blue moon at our home today.

It was one of the first recipes the girls in first form of Victoria College Belfast were introduced to in our Domestic Science Class.

Some of us had Mrs Bell as our Domestic Science teacher others had Miss McBride. Both ladies were absolutely adorable. They loved us all so much and had such gentleness and patience especially with the eleven years old girls of the first form.

Their classroom was so sparkling clean. The first lesson we ever learned from them was called Washing White Wood! So no excuse for a stained chopping board.

They were so different in appearance. One round faced and small the other extremely tall and slim. But when they put an arm around your shoulder to offer a little help both smelled like a fresh baked cake!

When clearing out the house in Ireland the recipe book they used with us resurfaced. It had suffered a little over the years and is a tad stained and sticky but it holds more than the entire internet when it comes to recipes that bring back happy memories.

Blessing # 206 – Sweet Success


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