BOOM – Before Balthazar

There are different traditions on when to remove the Christmas decorations.

Some friends take them down immediately after Christmas most people think they should come down before the Epiphany. We’ve been known to keep ours up till way after that.

Today was glorious here with bright sunshine and warmth so no excuse we took everything down outside and in. Full days work it was too!

In the past I would get really sad when we had to do this because the lights bring such sparkle to a dark time of year.

Since Aaron came into our lives though we replace the Christmas things with Chinese decorations in anticipation of the Chinese New Year.

This most important date in the Chinese calendar is dependent on the phase of the moon. For 2019 it will be on February 5 so exactly one month from today.

This will be the year of the PIG. Not considered as highly auspicious in China but for us we have our little Irish pig so we’re betting it will be great. Nothing like the luck of the Irish even for à Chinese.

Blessing # 208 – Blended Heritage

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