Aaron has been studying sociology and economics this term and has been talking a lot about both subjects.

He shows a lot of interest in human rights and now that he is working for $10 per hour has some sense of what managing on a minimum wage might mean.

We encourage his empathy and desire to learn more and so we read with interest about the challenge the Rev Carlton Baxter and his wife had undertaken recently back in our home diocese of Down and Dromore in Northern Ireland.

We talked a lot about this and decided after the holidays were over we too would set ourselves a challenge. We are going to see how long we can get by on $100. Our target is four weeks but after doing our first shopping we are already having doubts about that.

In our budget we have included all the food and beverages items we will eat including  essentials such as salt. We are giving Dad a break as this is therapeutic and allowing him to have his usual one whiskey a night. Apart from this we will have only water, orange juice, coffee and tea. Adios to soda, beer, wine and fizz!

I’ll continue to take my multivitamin each day and Aaron will take one too. Dad has decided he won’t. We have not counted the cost of the multivitamin in our budget.

We decided there were some items we were not going to give up. On Krishna’s list and mine coffee was number one. Instead of flavored coffee creamer Krishna is going to use milk and sugar. Mine is a nonissue as it is always black. Aaron needed meat so we decided to buy the cheapest on offer even if it meant in a bulk pack

We have discussed all our shopping needs at length and did all our shopping at Aldi. We spent $90 so we have $10 left for fresh items next week. The most expensive items was ground beef at $12 for 5.98 lbs, followed by chicken breast at $9.80 for 6.58 lbs and then ground coffee at $4.89 for 30.5 oz. We portioned and froze the meats which we recognize is a luxury not everyone may have so we have the advantage of bulk pricing.

Our pantry is a mine field of excess so we have segregated our budgeted foods into just three bins and started today.

We will share our ups and downs, what we learn, our mistakes and our discoveries.


Blessing # 209 – Working as a Family

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