BOOM – Budget Day 2

Aaron is back to school today but we are not back to porridge as he cannot stand it!

He tucked into « burgers » last night though that were loaded with oatmeal. They filled us up but we’re more like a pastie than a burger and looked like concrete.

We spent considerable more time than usual talking together. The focus was on meal planning for the days ahead trying to bring variety and balance.

We are already seeing a dent in our stock of Orange Juice that is our primary source of Vitamin C and wondering what we bought that we won’t use.

First day without wine and soda was not bad at all but the ice tea made as a substitute was horrendous. Can’t sacrifice on strength.

The hero dish of the day was the potato wedges but only because there was ketchup, mayo and sriracha to smother them.

Blessing # 210 – Seasoning

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