BOOM – Budget Day 4

Yesterday we had an event that caused a bit of turmoil. Our smoke detector in the basement went off just as we were about to tuck into our dinner.

It was only the battery that needed replacement but as it is linked to the main alarm system this too started screeching.

It makes a noise that could be heard a mile off and if you can’t get it stopped then your in trouble as the fire department might show up. So we all start running left and right to get this stopped and of course the alarm company calls to see if we are OK.

Dibley was so petrified he peed all over the living room carpet.

We of course discovered that while we have 101 batteries we have no replacement battery for the alarm.

So after dinner Aaron and I were dispatched to buy the battery and a few spares as well as some pet pee cleaner upper for the carpet.

Those items set us back $30.

Now normally we would haven’t given this a second thought but that is a third of what we spent on all our food last weekend!

Certainly the pet pee cleaner is not an essential but a smoke alarm battery prices at $7.99 for one or $9.99 for two surely is important.

Wonder how many people who are crunched for cash might choose not to buy the battery if food was the alternative.

While at the store we ran into some very heavily discounted Halloween and Christmas candy and we are craving sweets. We resisted as it would still have made a big dent in our remaining $10 budget.

Our tummies were full of fried rice so it made that decision easier but if we had been hungry that choice may have been much harder.

Blessing # 212 – Wok Works Wonders

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