BOOM – Budget Day 5


Yesterday Aaron and I went to the eye doctor for our annual check up    We both had a change in our prescription.

It is funny how eyesight changes with time. Until I turned forty I had great vision but it went down hill fast. The rate of change has slowed but had not stopped and now I’d need arms as long as a giraffes neck to see clearly.

Aaron on the other hand is really short sighted so his vision improved slightly. The doc suggested Aaron get glasses as well as contacts to give his eyes a rest each day given his amount of “screen” time.

So all in all we ordered glasses for me, glasses for Aaron and contacts for Aaron for the whole year. This, even after good insurance deductions, set us back a four figure sum.

On a daily basis this spend would work out to be about two dollars a day but it is definitely a luxury. We did not need a designer to make our glasses and contacts are not essential but we choose to spend. Why? Is it vanity? Is it to impress others? Is it because we just don’t need to think about it.

Think we did though and the thing that is so blatantly obvious is how many meals we could have bought or sponsored for those who need them so much more than we needed this.

The funny part of  the event is that the eye doc had to put contacts in my eyes so I could choose my new glasses with precise vision! I saw the glasses very well and choose a pair of Jimmy Choo’s but I also clearly saw myself without glasses for the first time in a decade. Man do I need a miracle face cream!

So scary the sorrow had to be drowned somehow and with no wine available  it had to be in spaghetti bolonaise!

Blessing # 213 – Seeing The Wrinkles

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