BOOM – Budget Day 6

Aaron got good news at school. He has been accepted into French 3 which will make his Godmother Patricia as happy as it made us!

This called for a little celebration so I decided to make cupcakes and cookies as a surprise for him.

In our budget box we’d only bought baking soda as a leavening agent but when needs must you find recipes to get the job done.

The cupcakes turned out well but here comes a confession. I had them baked before it hit me that I « stole » the papercases from our usual stock. They weren’t in our budget. I didn’t even think about them just grabbed them and stuck them in.

The cookies were less than stellar. They look and taste a bit like a dried out pancake.

From there on the day of adventurous cooking went downhill rapidly.

The cream cheese frosting for the cupcakes had to be made with sour cream and granulated sugar that was run through a coffee grinder. It has the consistency of bird poop but it tasted real good.

Next up the minestrone soup our first meat free dinner since we started. This was going nicely looking balanced and tasting quite good till I decided to give it a little boost with  a squirt of mustard.

This mustard has been bugging me as it cost 55 cents and we still had found no use for it. Why did we buy it when we only ever use it on hotdogs and ham? Well it is a complete waste of space and it absolutely doesn’t mix well with minestrone! Maybe it’s worth a try as a  face pack to see if it will shift any wrinkles.

Finally to go with the soup some home made soda bread was meant to be the highlight of the meal. Instead of baking it on a griddle as you should I stuck it in the oven since it was already on.

Disaster! I forgot about it and it became more like a baguette than a soda. We ate it anyway and talk of France and French 3!

Dibley is suffering in this whole business because he is missing all those little crunchie things he gets as we nibble at night while watching TV.

Poor soul is desperate for a peanut or nachos or even a piece of popcorn! So he was delighted to share a cookie even if it wasn’t the best!

Blessing # 214– Les Petits Biscuits

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