BOOM – Budget Day 7

We drank our last drop of OJ, some cans were emptied, a dozen eggs done and we closed out on cottage cheese.

Stocks of milk and bread were dwindling too and Aaron had made a serious dent in the Frosted Flakes.

To continue happily we need to replace the OJ, milk, bread and eggs and get some sort of breakfast cereal as the lad hates oatmeal.

Cottage cheese we can do without and even though we are down to our last full stick of butter thanks to all that baking we can’t afford to buy any more of that so spread it will be!

Off we went on a trip to Aldi to spend our last $10. Aaron was at school so he’d have to accept our choices and compromises.

As we enter we hit the produce section and staring us in the face were some sweet looking oranges. Tempting at $2.29 for a large bag. We go for it as we have a longing for them and we have quite

a few apples left along with potatoes, onions, celery, carrots, frozen peas and some tired bananas.

That leaves us $7.70. Our must haves are the bread and milk.

Bread was priced the same as last week at $0.89 but the price of a gallon of semi skimmed milk had almost doubled. Still well priced for what it offers from a nutritional perspective but how can this be? Why would there be such a difference?

We go to check on the price of a half gallons. Eureka! Full fat half gallons are heavily discounted to only $0.39!

We agree that a little more fat won’t hurt us and even though the use by date is January 15 we know it will keep longer unopened.

We bag two half gallons and then see on the bottom shelf that full fat chocolate milk is also at $0.39 per half gallon. Pays to look down!

This would be a nice treat but also has a use by of January 15. Do we need so much milk especially chocolate milk? We decide to take two, freeze one and freeze one of the regular milks as well. Luxury of a freezer strikes again!

Over to the OJ with just $5 left! Our favorite fancy bottle “not from concentrate with pulp” is $1.97 for a half gallon whereas the tetra “no pulp from concentrate is $1.69. We check the vitamin C content. No difference and to boot the concentrate version is forties with Vitamin D and Calcium so we take two.

Eggs are down in price from last week so we take a dozen that should see us through but now we are scraping the barrel.

This means Frosted Flakes are out and regular Corn Flakes at $0.99 for an even bigger box are in! This shouldn’t be a problem since we have sugar left and now a rather large reserve of a delicious dark creamy liquid to pour on top!

Blessing # 215 – Chocolate in any form tastes sweet!



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