BOOM – Budget Day 8


The weekend threw a few challenges our way.

On Friday around six, just as the rice was boiling to serve with the “thank you husband for putting up with this chicken curry”, Aaron bounces in.

He announces casually, almost in passing, that his back tire is sort of  soft. Soft my foot. It’s almost flat!

A litany of  WHATs and WHYs then ensues and panic calls to Tire Discounters to see WHO is still open to repair this!

Seriously he was going to leave it till the next morning and then try to get it fixed before work!

Sometimes you despair of the minds of teenagers until you remember when you did the same sort of things! Or worse!

So we turn off the gas and off we go to get the tire fixed. No patching possible we are hit with a $115 bill which of course was paid immediately.

WHAT though if we were truly strapped for cash and living on a budget. This would have been a desperate situation. Almost certainly we would have had to put the tire replacement on credit and it is not hard to imagine the viscous circle that might follow.

Saturday brought snow and we felt fortunate that the tire went out on Friday and not in the snow storm.

Aaron got home from work safe and we hunkered in for the evening as the snow continued to fall. We decided something tasty was called for like a nice big minced beef pie.

Butter being in short supply we made a vegan shortcrust pastry for the first time ever. Let’s say it was very short, quite tasty and reminiscent of samosa pastry but like the tire a little flat!

Blessing #216 – Perfect Timing

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