BOOM – Budget Day 9

As it was Sunday we decided to come as close as we could to a traditional roast dinner.

What is most obvious is that our portion sizes are radically reduced compared to what is normal for us.

Usually we’d throw an entire Chicken into the oven along with stuffing and a huge dish of roast potatoes. On the veggie front we’d nosh our way through a whole cauliflower cheese and countless carrots but yesterday was different.

We are counting carrots and potatoes now not calories so as oil is in good supply these were liberally doused in essential fatty acids!

Our chicken was limited to roughly one pound for the three of us. Ironically even more than what the FDA thinks of as a portion. We’d call it a snack!

What we ate was tasty but we could easily have eaten the double of what we did.

We hit the cookies and the chocolate milk as dessert and took diversion in watching TV. Football in the basement for Aaron and Pride and Prejudice for Dad and me.

Blessing #217. –  Balls!

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