BOOM – Budget Day 10

The last sad banana was dispatched to school this morning as part of Aarons packed lunch. With it went the fear that is now lurking in the home that things may be transformed in radical ways!

After a very standard macaroni and cheese dinner the urge for ice cream was so great that a brainwave struck.

Oatmeal is creamy in a lumpy sort of way. Combined with chocolate milk could it possibly become an inspired gelato.

Alas friends after beating and freezing and beating some more it was clear it could not. Dad ate some, and being the maker I ate a lot but Aaron was not fooled. It was oatmeal and it looked like barf!

The food scientists theory still hold though that this may be possible so back to the drawing board for round two of “ was my grandpa an Irish or Italian?”

Blessing # 218 – Experimenting

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