BOOM – Budget Day 11

We have had two vegetarian days in a row. Last night was an Irish like fry with griddle baked soda bread minus the meaty bits! The soda was not exactly as Granny would have made it but was much better than the last attempt.

Aarons first comment was “where’s the bacon” We discussed the extortionate cost of this item as we ate the eggs and beans on the plate.

He then spent time perusing  Gordon Ramsey recipes on the internet and talking about MEAT! We agreed to a feast for Chinese New Year. In the mean time we’ll have a good old spaghetti bolonaise for our next dinner.

This morning we got a call from school at 5:00 am to say there was a two hour delay because of ice and freezing rain. So we adjusted the alarm and went back to sleep.

Next thing we knew it was just past seven as we heard the garage door security chime.

Aaron had woken up at 6:20 thought we had all slept in and decided he would let his ancient parents sleep. So he rushed to get washed and dressed, grabbed a mouthful of cereal and went to school.

Of course when he got there he was the one and only! When he got home we all had a good laugh and soon afterwards got another call to say that school was closed for the day because the conditions were so bad!

An unexpected day off, even if you don’t get a long lie in bed, is one of the best things ever! Especially with the prospect of your favorite dinner on the menu!

Blessing # 219 – Snow Days and Spaghetti

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