BOOM – Budget Day 12

We are rocking through the stocks and have had to pull the reserve milk out of the freezer. We left the chocolate milk tucked away at minus 20 for another day!

Yesterday we made some bean soup for lunch. As it was cooking I got totally absorbed in emails. Nexts thing you know there’s a distinct smell coming from the kitchen. I’d burnt it! The bottom of the pot was as black as coal.

Rather than trash it water was added, the bottom scraped and the soup stirred up and reheated. It tasted yummy and had a really good color too. That carmel crunch created character! Ignore the black speck just act like they were meant to be there!

Reminded me of my Daddy too! When my Mum was making stew he’d always say to her « give it a wee bit of a burn girl to make it tasty » A hero and a gourmet!

This morning as Aaron had all the milk on his cereal my oatmeal had to be made with water only instead of half water and half milk.

Heated in the microwave for the usual two minutes it boiled over. Another day, another mess and more scraping!

It didn’t taste too bad but was a lot thicker than when made with milk and water. Gave some ideas too for black bean burgers on the menu tonight! It should be well disguised

Blessing # 220 – Sticky Stuff

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