BOOM – Budget Day 13

In the late 1960s business was good at The Ulster Weaving Company and my Daddy worked overtime every Tuesday and Thursday night.

I have no recollection of what my Mum made for dinner on Tuesday, maybe it wasn’t a permenant feast, but I remember clearly that on Thursday night she always made us home made chips (aka French Fries) with eggs and sausages.

My Mummy was really good at making chips. At that time she was working in a school canteen and her boss Mrs Totten had given her the secret to crisp chips! You gotta blanche them first. So on Thursday mummy and me would stand in the kitchen and prefry the chips listening to Top of The Pops on TV.

As soon as Daddy pushed his big old bike through the back yard door we’d start frying them for the second time before tucking in when they were really hot.

Yesterday for the first time ever and thanks to this budget business I made chips at home for Aaron. We always buy oven fries so have no deep fat frier but that wok worked wonders again!

They weren’t anything like Mummy’s because I didn’t blanche them nor fry them in lard but Aaron gave the thumbs up and said we must always make them like that!! The black bean burger that went with them? Well that’s another story!!!!!!

Blessing # 221 – Fresh Fries

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