BOOM – Budget Day 13 & 1/2


This weekend there are a few things happening not least a major snow storm.

Wouldn’t you know this is when I have to drive to downtown Columbus for meetings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

My meeting starts Friday evening and runs, like the snow till Sunday midday. Food is included so the boys are getting a break from the budget for that time too.

Krishna is cooking on Friday for a meal at Church on Saturday lunchtime so they’ll be eating what he makes for that. He is making one of Aarons all time favorite ham and pasta bake. No doubt in copious quantities!

I suspect Aaron may also make a detour to the Chinese for lunch tomorrow after work! Or maybe snow permitting to Arby’s where they’ve GOT MEAT!

This interlude will disrupt our flow a little but is unavoidable. It may even give us a boost just like a choc ice at the cinema!!!!!

Blessing # 222 – Time Out!


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