BOOM – Budget Day 15

As we start week three of our budget we took an inventory of what’s left.

In the fruits and veggie department we are OK on fruit but down to the last two onions and spuds and carrots and celery are limited. We still have plenty of cans of beans of various kinds, tomatoes, corn and a handful of frozen peas.

In the protein department the FDA would say we have plenty left Aaron might say otherwise! We have a pound of chicken in the fridge and another in the freezer. Same thing for the ground beef. Eggs are down to five since Aaron had two for his breakfast this morning. The chocolate milk has come out of the freezer to thaw in the fridge. Cheese is in good shape.

Condiments and spreads are plentiful with the exception of sriracha sauce that we may need to ration!

Beverages are all abundant apart from the OJ!

So what will be the limiting factor? Surprisingly it looks like it may be the stomach fillers like pasta, noodles, rice, bread, flour and even oatmeal. Our supplies on these are down to under a quarter of where we started. The most affordable things are the things we didn’t buy enough of.

What were we thinking of? Over stocking on animal protein perhaps?

So now we need to get creative about what to make to stretch the staples and bulk up with beans!

Blessing # 224 – Chili When it’s Chilly


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