BOOM – Budget Day 16

Baking’s been a busy bit of budgeting.

We’ve had a limited number of ingredients to play with which made this very interesting.

Flour, oats, sugar, butter, milk, eggs, salt, all spice and baking soda were all purchased in good amounts when we started.

As we knew and found many recipes called for key ingredients like vanilla, buttermilk, icing sugar and baking powder that we had decided not to buy.

When we got low on butter we had to resort to oil instead and thought vegan recipes might help.

They did to some extent but feature other ingredients that we surely didn’t have like almond butter, coconut oil and soy milk. Helped us see though that vegans need a whole different repertoire of items for the baking business.

We got by by making compromises and very specific recipe searches. Something’s worked out very well others were near disasters.

One thing that we missed was color. Everything had the same beige sort of hue. We needed some accents as a designer would say like a raisin or cranberry or even a little cocoa.

We have discovered some favorites that we will make again like baking soda cupcakes that rose so well. Perhaps the sour cream topping will be better next time and less like bird poop when it has some real icing sugar in it.

Oat meal cookies made with oil were really tasty and would have been very crispy too if we hadn’t added apple as a substitute for raisins. That was definitely not a great idea.

One of the easiest and quickest things we discovered was making tortillas. It really just takes minutes and they turned out just like they should.

The whole experience reinforced how important those baking days really must have been in the past. From simple items like flour and sugar magic happened. Stomachs well filled for sure but more than that joy was given.

Blessing # 225 – Buns and Biscuits

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