BOOM – Budget Day 17

We are not big donut eaters maybe one or two a month. For the past week though I’ve been craving these critters something shocking.

Every recipe on the planet for home made donuts has been scanned. Eventually, one using baking soda and sour cream was found.

As we had planned fried chicken and fried rissoles potatoes for dinner why not go the whole hog and fry up some donuts too. Felt like fair food!

Ever last drop of oil was drained from the bottle and the donut dough made. This was more like a batter than a dough as I overestimated the amount of flour we had left.

So the donuts didn’t really have a form. They are more like meteorites than planets but man they taste like heaven.

We have a good stock of them too. Krishna and I just had them for lunch with some of that chocolates milk!

Fun food filed for future feasts!

Blessing # 226 – Cravings Satisfied

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