BOOM – Budget Day 18

A few unexpected events have come our way this week.

Dibley had his six month senior citizen check up at our wonderful Riverside Animal Hospital on Monday.

We explained to his Doctor that he had been putting on weight. And had slowed down a lot.

Throughout his adult life Dibley had always held a very steady 30 lbs. He seemed to have a built in regulator that precisely adjusted his food intake to match his activity level.

All of a sudden over the past months his love of playing and walking had slipped significantly but his appetite had not, in fact it had increased.

We knew from his last check that his medicine was taking care of his heart murmur and this was not getting worse.

So what was wrong? Why was this slim boy no longer thin? If we are truthful he is starting to resemble a little pot bellied pig.

He’d also been behaving a bit strange recently. Sleeping during the day and then drinking a lot and needing to go potty more often especially at night.

Everything was pointing to some sort of endocrine issue. His little heart rate had slipped from a regular 120 down to 90 and his weight had sored to 37lbs. We decided blood work was called for and we got the results yesterday.

His thyroid hormone levels have dropped, one of his liver enzymes has jumped significantly and his urine is very dilute.

Right now the Doctor has asked us to measure his fluid intake before he makes a firm diagnosis but of course we are googling what it might be and have reached the conclusion our fur baby may have Cushings Syndrome.

Minutes after we got the message from the Vet we got a text from Aaron to say his engine warning light was on.

This morning he took my car to school and I took his car to MIDAS service center. They’ve found that someone pulled three fuses out of the system that controls the built in computer!

The only way to solve and fix the puzzle is wire by wire checks and balances on the control systems. The alternative is to drive with the engine light on until the car breaks down and we find out when it’s too late what’s wrong!

So I have spent the day at MIDAS waiting for the latest updates and now at 4:00 pm with the fuses fixed the car won’t start. So I call Aaron to come get me and he goes to another MIDAS shop.

As I sip on the umteenth MIDAS coffee and wait I’ve had lots of time to ponder the curve balls and uncertainty the budget period has thrown our way and how hard it must be for people on a tight budget to deal with such issues.

No wonder MIDAS has a prominent ad beside the cash resister on instant financing.


We are so much more aware than ever before of how fortunate we are to have the means to deal with the car repair just like we did with the tire two weeks ago!

There is a limit though to what even the greatest riches can fix. Lets hope the problems of our furry family member can be solved with medication and that his control systems can be reset too!

Blessing # 227 – Warning Lights

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