BOOM – Budget Day 19

This morning I had to take Aaron to school. We took Dibs along for the ride.

Aaron was anxious about his car and how he’ll get around if we can’t get it fixed but he seems even more anxious about Dibley.

First measure of Dibs water intake showed he drank 1.5 liters in 24 hours and his water bowl was completely empty. Seems a lot for a little fellow.

Around 9:00 the garage called to say they had the controller fixed and the car is now starting. They now know what is wrong too it is something to do with mass balance! How ironic is that?

By 11:00 the car was ready to pick up so when Aaron gets out of school he can get his wheels back!

So like the beautiful sky this morning the stars have aligned for the car and for our last weekend on the Budget. Fizz is definitely in the forecast! We hope the Furball will soon be back to his usually sparkling self soon too.

Blessing # 228 – A Bright New Day

2 Replies to “BOOM – Budget Day 19”

  1. Hope Dibley is well soon. Check him out in case he is diabetic. Bet your all looking forward to the fizz happy weekend cousin xx


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