BOOM – Budget Day 21

696EA1A0-F3ED-4443-B340-6F08810789BB.jpegOur experiences over the past three weeks coincided with the government shut down in the USA.

Each night the news carried stories of hard working people being forced to go to food banks because they had no pay checks coming in.

We were doing this as an experiment. Many are not in such a fortunate situation.

It brought back memories for Krishna of his childhood when his mother struggled with a tight budget and a growing family.

He said that these past days he sometimes hesitated to take something that he thought Aaron might enjoy like a cookie or cupcake. I wasn’t so gracious! This could explain why Krishna lost three pounds and I lost just two!

Aaron as you might expect rocked the weight loss stakes with a full six pounds off. He says he is feeling really good and he wants us to keep the portion size at the new normal. If we don’t cook for an army then he can’t eat for one!

Tonight we are going to celebrate with plenty of pizza and ice-cream. Hardly an extraordinary extravagance but something we missed. Pizza is crispy and colorful and ice cream is cold and creamy. These contrasts were perhaps the things missed most.

As for going wine free well that was a challenge for a day or two but I just couldn’t believe how much better I slept without it! Cheers to that fruit infused H2O!

Blessing # 230 – Better Understanding

2 Replies to “BOOM – Budget Day 21”

  1. Although I am now vegan I give respect to my dad who hunted wild fowl grew beautiful fresh vegetables and my mother for the huge pots of soup often with several pigeons in, and several pheasant or rabbit in the oven. Home baked bread and all served with fluffy potatoes. On a very poor income and 10 mouths to feed we were lucky never to feel hungry. Mum would gather potatoes while us little ones run wild in the fields unaware of her back breaking chore. She would beg flour bags from the mills to make cot sheets or dye with wild berries to make curtains. Bedside tables made from Orange boxes painted and upturned we had our own little storage . Water from the well usually retrevied by the older kids, most spilt on the way home. Happy days when make do and mend was the motto jumble sales where our clothes were bought and hand me downs were fought over. Amazingly through all the struggle she coped and we consider our childhood to be a precious and happy time. Credit only to her amazing resource fullness and Dads ability to shoot. Our house was never short of food or visitors to share it with. How did they cope?


    1. Thanks Joyce for sharing these wonderful memories. Your Mum and Dad were so strong and loving and did such a great job raising their family. Full of admiration for them and those like them.


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