BOOM – Blankets

Jackie, a dear new friend has a very big family. There are so many kids and grandkids that they hire a hall to celebrate Christmas together.

Their Christmas celebration took place last weekend and Jackie had been preparing for this for some time.

Jackie is really great with a crochet hook and had decided to make all 31 members of the family a personal gift. Last week she mentioned she was working hard but wasn’t sure she’d manage to get everything finished in time for the celebration.

Imagining that she might be making everyone a scarf or hat or some such item I was struggling to understand why she was worried about not finishing on time.

This morning I found out why. Jackie had made each one of her family a blanket. Each one is unique and unbelievable beautiful and huge!

What a lot of time and effort was poured into this amazing endeavor and what a great mother she is wrapping her kids and grandkids in such love.

Blessing # 231 – Inspiring Women

3 Replies to “BOOM – Blankets”

  1. God blessed me with this talent and i wanted to pass on this memory to be treasured for years to come before i am unable to share this any longer. praise be to God for blessing me.

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