BOOM – Bitter, Blistering, Biting Baltic!

They say the Eskimo people have forty words for snow. It comes in many shapes, textures and forms. We Irish probably have just as many words for rain!

Right now across a very large segment of North America we need to pull out ever word imaginable for COLD in readiness for an Artic Blast descending upon us.

We’ve been warned that records are likely to be broken and that a cold like this has not been experienced by a whole generation.

Some warnings seem funny at first  like avoid breathing deeply and stop talking! They are deadly serious though!

With actual temperatures way way way below freezing and wind chills pushing us to that magic number of -40 where Fahrenheit and Centigrade meet we better listen or get frostbite.

Let’s pray that social services can reach those who live rough on the street and get them into warming shelters. Let’s also give credit and gratitude to all in the emergency services who will brave these temperature to take care of any of us who might need them.

Blessing # 232 – Those on Call

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