BOOM -Batter and Briks


As school was closed for the day we decided to try our hand at making crepes.

Aaron had signed up to bring these to French class on Friday as they are going to celebrate French pancake day.

We figured we’d give them a go ourselves and if they don’t work out we still have time to get them ready made at World Market.

Just as we were making the batter our friend Phyllis texted us from Belfast to make sure we were staying warm.

This brought back memories of delicious pancakes called BRIKs that we had eaten on vacation with Phyllis in Tunisia many years ago.

The Brik is a feat of culinary engineering that is mesmerizing. Inside a vertical crispy pancake stands upright a whole fried egg! Has to be seen to be believed.

We got to thinking of all the different ways the same basic batter is used around the world. With just a variation in consistency you have pancakes, hotcakes, blinis, dosa, fritters, waffles, fried dough and many more yummy treats like the Brik!

In the end almost every county seems to have it’s own tradition. Some may be slimmer than others and dressed with finesse. Others may be quite chunky, salty or quite sweet but just like people they are all alike from the inside out.

Bears remembering we are all simply variations on a theme!

Blessing #234 – Snow Day Reflections

2 Replies to “BOOM -Batter and Briks”

  1. How did the crepes turn out? I used to make them fairly often, but haven’t in years. Have the pan, though. Tonight I am remembering delicious ones in Brittany.

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