BOOM – Boars!


Today sees the start of the Lunar New Year. In China, Japan, Tibet and of course in every country where people of these cultures live this is the biggest celebration of the year!

With family members from both China and Tibet we of course have to make sure we join in the festivities. This includes a red envelope for the lad and a pill in a pocket for the pup. So much easier than Santa visits!


We’ll be making dumplings tonight too and stuff Dibley’s meds in one as a special auspicious start to the new him!


For the Chinese this is the year of The Earth Pig. For Tibetans it’s the year of The Earth Boar!


The last time we had an Earth Boar / Pig year was 1959 the year when many of my friends from schooldays were born.


People of this sign are said to be full of love and generosity. They are social and affable and have all sorts of other great gifts! They may run a little late at times though just like the piggy who was last to arrive at the Buddha’s ball!

As I have learned from Chinese friends if it is your Year you must prepare yourself for the challenges that will come your way by wearing red underwear!

So ladies get yourselves to Victoria Secret or at least to Marks and Spencer as soon as possible. Boys better buy boxers!


Blessing # 240 – Piggy Pals


2 Replies to “BOOM – Boars!”

  1. Surprising, their system too has around 60 years in a cycle–the Indian system too says the same–which we chant just before worship. And I was born in the last year of the Earth pig/boar–Vikari Samvatsara in our terms–where is the nearest Marks and Spencer? 🙂

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