BOOM – Bits of a Bishop

Saint Valentine was Italian. Not surprising for one so closely associated with romance and love!

But did you know that Ireland holds a very important place in his story. His remains, or at least some of them, can be found in a Carmelite Shrine in Dublin.

They have been there for two hundred years and were given as a gift to one of Ireland’s great orators a certain Father Spratt!

Having for sure kissed the Blarney Stone, Spratt brought the Bishops bits back to the homeland and since then those seeking love have paid them a visit.

This may explain why Saint Valentines Day is treated with such humor in Ireland. Not really the worlds most romantic date visiting a box of bones!

So as soon as they can put pen to paper Irish youngsters write cards full of funny rhymes and jokes to their school mates. The more messages in the card the greater the degree of affection! The one that sticks most in my mind runs like this

Your teeth, just like the stars shine bright! Especially in their cup at night!

If that’s too radical, here’s another  one to share with you better  half!


Blessing #249 – Love a Laugh

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