BOOM – British Brilliance

Aarons passport will expire next month and I was dreading having to go through all the bells and whistles of getting the new one.

Getting a passport anywhere always means some paperwork but when you live outside the country of your citizenship it can be fraught with additional hurdles. Getting photos right and witnessed by someone of your nationality as well as bankers drafts for payment are just some things that we anticipated.

Therefore it is with amazement and much gratitude that we found the British Government have up their game to a point of EXCELLENCE.

The photos can be taken with a cell phone and the payment can be made by card. Everything was done on line in wait for this fifteen little Minutes. This included a quality control of the photo which resulted in Aaron having to drag himself away from the Xbox to have a second one taken.

The whole experience was super!

Blessing # 250 The Joy of Simplicity

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