BOOM – Bimbo Braithwaite

Today is my birthday and it has been a really good day so far.

The alarm clock was left unset so when I woke up it was already 7:45. Just enough time to jump in the shower and speed to Zumba!

On the way back I got us all big jelly donuts and we tucked into them before Aaron left for work.

Krishna and I then went with Dibley for a long ride in the country all the way to Urbana. This was to quench my urge to find a big old house to flip.

Urbana is a lovely city with many wide tree lined streets and mansions. This morning, fueled with the donuts and much too much coffee I found what looked like the home of my dreams.

So being my birthday the boys had to accommodate my urge to see it. From the real estate listing the house looked like something from Gone With The Wind. When we go there let’s say it was the Tara that Scarlett found after the war!

However, just a few doors up from  « Tara » we found another house.

This one looks more like a tropical colonial that you might find on the Malabar Hills of Bombay.


It will be auctioned next Saturday at 10:00 am and there is an open house tomorrow so we’ll be taking another ride through the country.

All this to say that when I was prowling around the Pink Palace who should I encounter but a great big black cat. This reminded me of my bestie Carols childhood cat Bimbo. Just like Bimbo this big guy stared deep into my eyes questioning why I was in his yard!

Some would say this is a bad omen and turn on their heals and run. We Brits and Irish though love the black cat. Nothing could be luckier.

So let’s see what happens next weekend! Oh and one last thing the house number is 216! Now isn’t that something for a girl born February 16?

Blessing # 251 – Urbana Legend!

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