BOOM – Buttered Bickies


A few days ago a friend posted a reminder of a Northern Irish delicacy that few of you may know.

It’s the Ulster Oreo also known as a buttered Marie biscuit. Digestives also work but are not as “light”.

This should never be confused with a buttered scone. That would be way too normal for us! Biscuits are cookies not scones!

Now this delicacy is not the type of delight that you’d serve the Rector but every family eats them.

They are a little salty and a little sweet and very bland so they’re especially good when you haven’t been feeling well and can’t face much.

They are also particularly helpful  to alleviate stress. You can squeeze the butter through the little holes in the biscuit making little butter worms to lick up one by one. Great for students doing revision. So good to help concentration.

All cultures I’m sure have quirky little things they love. What would yours be? Post a pic too if you can.

Blessing #252 – Funny Foods

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