BOOM – Boiled Bites


We’re signed up to provide the snacks tomorrow at our Tuesday Morning Group. All the talk yesterday on the Ulster Oreo made me think it’s about time our friends at the group had a deeper immersion into Ulster delights.

They will be spared the buttered Marie but are going to have one of my Mother’s best, her boiled cake!

Only the Lord knows when she wrote the recipe down and who she got it from. My hunch tells me it was my Auntie Nora but I’m not sure.

Out came the recipe today in all its stained glory. It was lovely to see Mummy’s writing so familiar and enduring. It was also great to think of all the people who got a thick slice of this cake which was, in good Ulste style, smothered in butter.

Not knowing how well this would slip down with the Ohio palette or, if truth be told, how mine would pop out of the cake time, little boiled bits were made instead.


Krishna who was a connaisseur of Moms special said the popper versions were “not bad at all”

Let’s see what the TMGers think!

Blessing # 253 – New Twists on Old Turns

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