BOOM – Bottom & Back Burn

Today as Krishna and I were driving into Columbus he was mentioning how much he loves the heated seats in our car. We fondly refer to them as the bum warmers.

The first car we ever had with this feature was a Subaru way back in the 1990s. Since then it has been a key consideration in selecting any vehicle.

The heat comes on fast, much faster than the air fan and especially on really cold days it wraps around you like an electric blanket.

Growing up my Mum was always too worried we’d set the house on fire with electric blankets so we stuck to hot water bottles, or as we called them « jars », instead.

We had a whole ritual around « putting in the jars ». It would start during the commercial break before the nine o’clock news. The kettle would be boiled and the jars filled and put in bed. Mum and Dad had one each but I had two because I was spoiled rotten.

We’d wrap our night clothes around them and then go to watch the news. By the time that was over and we’d have our last cup of tea the beds were nice and toasty.

With today’s central heating jars have become almost obsolete but we still have a few on reserve just in case the power goes out.

We also have the furball who is a good wee heater too but a bit more fidgety than a jar.  Wonder is this one of the reasons cave men took to wolves so well?

Blessing #254 – Creature Comforts

4 Replies to “BOOM – Bottom & Back Burn”

  1. J ai les mêmes souvenirs que toi, chez ma tante ou nous passions toutes nos vacances, elle mettait dans le lit une petite chaufferette et sur le radioactif de grandes couvertures avec lesquelles elles nous emballaient avant d aller dormir . Que de merveilleux souvenirs

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