BOOM – Booming Blizzard

There has to be a first for everything and early this morning we experienced one.

School had just called at 5:15 am to inform us that we had a snow day. Always a treat when it is midweek and especially good when it is exam day. A certain person breathed a deep sigh of relief!

Dibley took a quick pit stop and dipped his paws in four inches of the fresh white stuff and then we snuggled in for a good lie in.

Just  as we were dosing off there was a massive boom.

It shook the windows and we thought something massive must have crashed or exploded. Was it a train or was it a plane or did a gas line blow. It was a one off and it was powerful.

Later we discovered, when we saw posts from friends, that what we experienced was THUNDERSNOW!

The weird thing about this was that the furry one, who usually goes berserk at the tiniest sign of a storm was as quiet as a lamb.

No way to capture this event in photo so instead a few pics of this seasons snow days.

Blessing # 255 – Freaky First

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