It’s shameful to admit to the amount of things we have that we have never used. Some have been buried away in storage for years and are now being uncovered.

One such item is a Romertopf pot that was used for the first time yesterday. It was in its original package.

We had to put on detectives dress and dig deep to uncover where and when we bought it.

With the languages on the box it had to have been purchased in Switzerland.


A price tag from a store called Jumbo confirmed the suspicion and a makers mark on the bottom showed it was made in Germany in 1989.


The box also had a sticker on it that showed it had been shipped with our things from China.


So putting all the traces together the pot started life in Germany in 1989, was purchased by us sometime thereafter, moved with us to USA in 1995, moved to China in 2001, moved back to Switzerland in 2004, went  into storage in 2010, returned to the USA in 2018 and FINALLY was used on February 20 2019! Almost thirty years after it was made.

Has a piece of brick ever had such a journey? Poor thing waited nearly as long as the Terracotta Soldiers to see the light of day.

It did a good job too in roasting a piece of pork and now it’s out of the box is set to tandoori some chicken soon!

Blessing # 256 – Buried Treasures

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