BOOM – Bennet’s Benefits

A few nights ago WOSU our public broadcasting service was showing the last episode of Pride and Prejudice.

All men in the house were silence as I snuggled down in anticipation of Mr Darcy’s return to Longborne.

I snuggled so well that I fell asleep even before Bingley had the chance to pop the question and woke to the closing music.

Even though I’ve seen this series many time I was livid. Still stewing about this the next morning and in desperation to see if it was being screened again I searched the listings.

No luck it was only on WOSU PLUS! We have never been able to pick up PLUS but our cable now has thousands of channels So was there a chance we might now have it.

Bingo according to the cable provider on channel 994 we have plus. Bells might as well have been ringing all over the city. Not only could I gaze again on the beauty of Mr Darcy and he in the eyes of  Lissie Bennet there was now the chance to catch so many new programs as well as the good ones I’d missed.

Now here is the irony in all this.

We are planning a Kairos Ministry fundraiser on Saint Patrick’s Day and are serving Irish Stew and Soda Bread and yours truly is meant to supply the recipes.

Well, when I tuned into 994 what was showing?

Not the Bennets, scheduled for much later in the day, but an Asian chef making of all things Irish Stew ans Soda Bread!

Blessing #257 – Beauty Sleep


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