BOOM – Birdsnest

Just outside our garage there are three lovely crab apple trees.

We see them every day as we drive out, walk Dibley or go to the mail box.

They give vibrant deep pink blossoms in the spring time and then rosy little apples in summer. These then stick around to give a rich burgundy color even in the depths of winter. A wonderful constrast with snow.

This year when the leaves fell we noticed we had a birdsnest in one of these trees. From every angle this little homestead is rounded to perfection.

Just this week there was some activity happening with about six or seven little chirpers buzzing around the nest.

Can’t  be sure, because they flew off when we disturbed them, but they had the chubby rounded shape of gold finches but did not have the bright yellow color.

Someone may know if it is normal that there would be so many birds around one nest. Do they compete for the prime real estate made by another? With all those little apples around it must be a home with easy pickings at hand.

We’re hoping one of the prospectors has laid an egg or two and we’ll have a little family there soon.

Blessing #258 – Anticipating an Arrival

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