The pink palace of last weekend turned out to be a big disappointment once we got inside. It was in a truly sorry state.

So we have continued to explore the region looking for a property to renovate and have been into areas we normally would never visit.

This month of exploration has been a real eye opener.

The good side of all this is to see that parts of the inner cities are starting to transform and are on the up and up.

Yet, even in these areas of hope for ever home that has been flipped there are still three or four others that are wretched looking.

Had it not been for this idea of finding a flipper it is true and sad to say that we might never have known about the state of our state.

Of course we know there is poverty and of course we know there is a crisis with opioids but the extent of this was way beyond our understanding.

Yesterday we hit on a very interesting little place in the city of Marion Ohio. It was built in 1860 and is just across the street from the family home of President Harding.

The Harding place itself is under refurbishment and a new historical center in honor of President Harding is being built.

So my mind is now running riot and my imagination is in overdrive. Wouldn’t this be the ideal spot to transform into a little boutique hotel? Just think of all those tourists who might need a coffee or an ice cream or a cocktail after their visit to the museum!

We haven’t seen more than inside a window yet as the agent canceled on us this afternoon but we will go next Saturday instead.

Not an issue! Gives plenty of time to learn about what would fit with the period and get worked up into a flipping frenzy! Exterior paint selection has been made! Absolutely must be daffodil yellow!

Blessing # 259 – A Week to Dream



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