BOOM – Blustery


The past 24 hours brought us hurricane force winds in Central Ohio. While graded as only a force one it makes you wonder what force five must sound like. This howling is incredible.

The storm wreaked havoc for many with trees crashing on cars and houses and power outages for many.

We escaped with just a small tree and a few big tree branches down in the back yard. We didn’t loose power for a second.


So we were able to watch all of the Oscars uninterrupted and certainly there was no power outage when it came to Gaga and Bradley! They were definitely brewing up a media storm!


By the time we went to bed it was eleven thirty but that wind seem to howl even louder when everything else was still. It kept the furry one up all night. He was in an out a half dozen times so very little sleep was had by his humans.

Six o’clock came around too fast and not feeling rested is never the best way to start the week.


Rather than start the taxes as was part of today’s plan, the best solution may be to take a leaf from Dibley’s book and catch up a nice little afternoon power nap instead.

Blessing # 260 – A Wee Snooze

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