BOOM -Big+Bulldozer


Krishna has been part of a small group at our Church for eight years now. The group meets each Tuesday morning and so, not surprisingly, is know as the TMG.

Krishna joined the group when when they were studying the religions of the world. He quickly made many faithful friends who support and love each other

Recently I’ve been going to TMG too and enjoy it very much. We catch up on what’s happening in our lives, then we do some studying together, share some snacks and always have a laugh or two.

Today our subject of study was the book of Jonah. Many of you will know this story. In a nutshell, Jonah, trying to escape from God is caught in a storm and swallowed up by a big fish. Realizing he’s still alive he begs forgiveness and the fish throws him up on the shore.

Now the great thing about our TMG group is that everyone is so  comfortable with each other that they willingly give their perspective without concern. So it was today when we discussed this tale.

Some thought it was a legend, other that it was a dream but I gave everyone a surprise by suggesting maybe Jonah had been in a submarine!

Perhaps I’ve watched one too many episodes of Ancient Aliens but it does cross my mind that maybe, just maybe, we have had some visitors from other places here on our little blue marble.

Everyone had a good giggle at this so a few more jokes were then shared:-

What is the advantage of living in Switzerland? The flag is a BIG PLUS!!!!

What do you call a sleeping bull? A BULLDOZER!!!!

Did you groan like Jonah or have a good belly laugh?

Blessing # 261 – Band of Buddies

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